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At IPC, we are passionate about installing alternative energy solutions for our clients across South Africa in a bid to lighten our carbon footprint in the most impactful way possible.

Even though there are numerous reason why home, business and agricultural owners convert to natural energy sources, saving on monthly electricity accounts and having a smaller carbon impact still remain at the top of the list. South Africa has a wonderful natural resources in the sunlight that we are exposed to. South Africa has an abundance of sun light, in average double the Solar Irradiation of the worlds Photo Voltaic leader Germany that can be harvested and converted into clean sustainable energy to save our environment for generations to come.

By way of conducting an energy consumption audit on the use of electrical energy within your home, office or agricultural holding, IPC can make the best recommendation on an appropriate solution to your requirements. We will help you to get on the road to regular energy cost savings and sufficient autonomy to overcome our unreliable energy supply.

Contact IPC to discuss all the benefits you could gain by installing green energy solutions in your home, office or farm today.

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Dedicated in assisting our clients to get the best result from their new investment.

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