About us

IPC was started in 2017 by Izak Nagel who, as an engineer as his chosen profession, became increasingly passionate about assisting people to make their homes, farms and offices as energy efficient as possible. This included comprehensive guidance alongside the installation of wind turbines, heat pumps and solar PV Panels across South Africa to harvest energy from our abundant natural resources.

After determining that the benefits far outweighed the negatives, Izak began the journey of offering clients their ideal solutions to help them understand the impact that they could make on our world and its future.

Part of the service he offers is a full audit on the electricity usage on an average day within the client’s chosen establishment. This allows the client to see how and where they can improve while lowering their own carbon footprint, how they could make monthly savings and consult on how to get the best result out of their chosen method of green energy harvesting. An additional bonus includes the return on our client’s investment after a period of time.

Izak is directly available to all of his clients and is dedicated in assisting them to get the best result from their new investment. Contact us today to request a consultation.